Wednesday, September 5, 2012

*Job Announcement* Fundraising Director, Apply Today!

Keeper of the Mountains Foundation
Fundraising Director
Job Announcement

Application Due Date: Please send applications as soon as possible, there is currently no cutoff date for applying (although this may change).

Compensation: Compensation Package to Be Discussed During Hiring Process and Interviews

Hours / Week: 40 hours / week (additional hours to be discussed during the hiring and orientation process)

Reporting Relationship: Reports to the Operations Director  

Mission of the Keeper of the Mountains Foundation: 
The Keeper of the Mountain Foundation (Keepers) aims to educate and inspire people to work for healthier, more sustainable mountain communities and to end Mountaintop Removal. We believe a better future requires everyday people to come together and recognize their power to make long-term, lasting change. We envision an organization, led by West Virginians, with real power to move beyond an extraction based economy and put in its place an economy that values people, land, and mountain heritage. 

Importance of This Position:
The Keeper of the Mountains Foundation a growing organization with an effective strategy and amazing leaders.  This organization has seen income and expenses rise as the organization is doing more work and having more success.  This position is important to ensure that Keepers has the funding necessary to put our strategy into action.  This position is also important to ensure that Keepers is tracking income and expenses correctly to ensure financial transparency and completing governmental forms accurately. 

Current Situation and Objectives: 
The Keeper of the Mountains Foundation is experiencing strong growth. Keepers is scheduling more speaking events, working with more Southern WV residents, and successfully fundraising. Keepers is committed to fundraising from diverse sources which are focused on grant-writing (large, medium, and small grants), individual donations, fundraising events, and other creative means. KotM is planning to immediately implement a well-organized, year-end fundraising drive through phone banks to outreach to our supporters and raise grassroots money as well as immediately continue our grant-writing and fundraising event planning. 
The Fundraising Director would be responsible for overseeing the implementation of these immediate plans to continue our fundraising work as well as working with the Operations Director to plan for long term fundraising efforts.
Goals of this Position:
- Coordinate, Monitor, and Grow the House Party Fundraising Program
- Design and Implement a Year End Grassroots Fundraising Drive and a Mid-Year Fundraising Drive
- Ensure Fundraising is an Active Part of the Strategic Growth of the Organization
- Maintain Sound Financial Organization Within Keepers' Office
- Submit and Secure Large, Medium, and Small Grants to Fund Keepers' Work

Prioritized Specific Responsibilities:

- Ensure that all expenses and income are properly tracked through Quickbooks (daily) and our Donor Spreadsheet

House Party Fundraising Program
- Coordinate, Monitor, and Grow the Fundraising House Party Program for Keepers
- Support on the ground volunteers across the country in planning effective fundraising house parties
- Ensure Web Presence & Recruitment for The House Party Program is Effective

- Submit Grants in Consultation with Operations Director and Communication with Board Treasurer
- Build Relationships with Supportive Foundation Program Officers

Major Donor Fundraising
-  Coordinate, Monitor, and Grow Efforts Towards Fundraising from Major Donors (either through individual asks or fundraising events) 

Miscellaneous Tasks
- Ensure All Donors are Included in the KOTM Online and Offline Database
- Work With the Board, Operations Director, and Relevant Volunteers to Develop and Implement Effective Organizational Budgets
- Develop and publish a quarterly newsletter for distribution to all email contacts within the Keepers’ database
- Develop and Implement Creative Fundraising Tactics such as Bowling for the MountainsFundraising Events

Non Profit Fundraising 
- Submit funding requests from any Non Profit Organizations with similar missions and programs

Office Financial Organization
- Work with the Operations Director to Ensure all Financial Paperwork Are Well Organized in the Office

This position will be based out of the Keepers Office in Downtown Charleston, West Virginia 

To Apply: 
Please send a Letter of Interest, Resume, and Three References to the Keeper of the Mountains Foundation at

For Questions:
Daniel Chiotos, Operations Director, at 304-205-0920 and/or to ask questions about this position

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