Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Larry Sure Did Make a Big Impact

This is our simple collection of articles, poems, and blog posts that have been created in the past few weeks following Larry Gibson's passing.  We want to keep this list updated and want this collection of links to show the breadth of his impact and the number of people who were connected with him.  He impacted thousands and we will keep this list updated as a place where people can come to learn more about his impact and life.

Please email Danny@Mountainkeeper.org if you have any online pieces that are not mentioned here and they can be added to this list. 

Photo by Paul Corbit Brown

Overburden, Dead of the Night Blog

Larry Gibson, Presente!, Seams and Story Blog

A Tribute to Larry Gibson, ILoveMountains.org

Mountaintop Removal Mining, Earthjustice

Goodbye Larry Gibson, and Thank You, Ohio Chapter of the Sierra Club

Larry Gibson and Me, Mr Chiotos' Blog

Hero For Those "Who Don't Have A Say", Earthjustice's UnEarthed Blog 

Godspeed, Mountain Keeper, Pittsburgh-Post Gazette

Remembering Larry Gibson, Ohio Citizen Action

Larry Gibson, 1946-2012, Americans Who Tell The Truth

Larry Gibson, 1946-2012, Before It's News

Larry Gibson: Appalachia's Lorax, Earth Island Institute

Larry Gibson, 1946 – 2012, Labor and Working Class History Association

W.Va. environmental activist Larry Gibson dies, My San Antonio

Larry Gibson 1946 – 2012, Free Speech Radio News

Mourning a Hero and a Friend, Earthjustice's Un Earthed Blog

...and Farewell to an Inspiring Activist, Great Lakes Sierra Club 

Keeper of the Mountains, Larry Gibson Has Died, Occupy America / Crooks & Liars

Larry Gibson, Kentucky Sierra Club

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