Thursday, May 3, 2012

Help Us Catch This Burglar and Protect My Family's Land

This is Larry Gibson with the Keeper of the Mountains Foundation writing you an urgent message,

Recently, between April 23rd and 26th we had a break in at my place and it wasn’t a random break in. They did extensive, extensive damage; stole a bullet proof vest, guns; destroyed at least four cameras on the cabin plus damaged the security system itself, the solar panel and stole $750 worth of batteries that ran the system.
The enormous amount of stuff broken and stolen is too high to be put in this email. But what I’m asking you to do now is to:
 ---> View & Share This Video of one the burglars captured on our security system and please let us know if you recognize him so we can bring him to justice by emailing and/or calling (304)542-1134.
---> Make a Donation to help us buy the equipment necessary to make my family's land on Kayford Mountain in Stanley Heirs Park a better protected, safer place for all of us
Bootprint left on a door
This attack is not directly on Larry Gibson, the attack is about the issue at hand. It’s trying to stop people like Larry Gibson and others to fight back. It’s not really directed toward me, if it was the wouldn’t have destroyed my cabin, they would have just come at me. The fact is, they’re fighting the issue their way. We’re fight the issue our way, and we can’t do it without your help.
For those of you that knew about the break-in, and have already donated, thank you for your donations. They are well received.
Those of you that didn’t, and are finding out through this message. Remember we’re fighting to save Appalachia. It’s not mine alone. It’s yours too. You’re not making a donation to Larry Gibson, you making a donation to the issue. So we can fight. When they attack me, they attack you- that’s what they’ve done here.  You might not even know it, but you’ve been attacked because of what you believe in,  because you’re following the issue of mountaintop removal and coal.
So, those that still believe in what we’re doing as a team, help as much as you can. Stay with us on this. We appreciate you.
Larry Gibson, Keeper of the Mountains
They went through the drawers
looking for things to steal 
They made a complete mess of
Carol & Larry's room looking for
things to steal 

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